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Ladies First

Posted by believer1 on February 18, 2010

Well I certainly am a believer in dogs!  I enjoyed reading this article about how puppies play.  Apparently male pups are “furry gentlemen” when playing with females in the hopes that information gained from playing will help them get the ladies in the future. 

“Male dogs sometimes place themselves in potentially disadvantageous positions that could make them more vulnerable to attack, and researchers suspect the opportunity to play may be more important to them than winning”

Also interesting was the portion of the article devoted to what females learn from playing with other females.  Learning how to protect oneself seems to be important there.


2 Responses to “Ladies First”

  1. acilius said

    That seems to describe the dogs I know best.

  2. Howdi: I have worked with animals all my life mostly Horses and herd dogs.
    I find it to be very rewarding and I have never stoped learning from each animal that I work with.T he puppies are facinating in that these are pack animals and even playing they are teaching each other as well as leaning from each other. Pack animals are like herd animalsand need a stucture that can only be achieved by a strong calm acertive herd/pack leader.
    Would Love to have you come check us out and join in the fun as well.
    If you don’t venture you won’t learn anything.
    Aways Looking at The Bright Side

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